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Business Management

TSTC Workforce Training, in partnership with Peak Performance, will be offering the following courses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The courses have been developed to provide industry with the tools to help with successful business strategies during the pandemic.

7 Proven Stress Reducers...In a Stressful “Work from Home” Environment

This course will provide practical tips for reducing the stress associated with the uncertainty of COVID 19, managing the household and work and have simple ways to balancing life in this new norm.  At the end of this session, the trainee will have:

  • Skills to remain calm under pressure
  • Strategies for coping with uncertainty
  • Ability to manage time in a way that ensures productivity.

Agile EQ: Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Manage the Dynamics and Reduce the Stress of Working from Home

This course is designed to bring awareness to ones own approach to people and tasks and increase their social and emotional intelligence when working with others. At the end of this session they will:

  • Have an awareness of situations that require them to stretch beyond their own boundaries
  • Increase productivity by having an Agile approach to working with others
  • Have skills to develop the mindsets that cause them discomfort

Building Trust: “Moving Back into the Workplace”


This course is designed to breakdown the barriers that will exist between co-workers as we transition back to the workplace. In this course, participants will learn:

  • What it’s going to take to rebuild trust and confidence with co-workers in the same workplace
  • Practical skills for communicating when the mask is “on”
  • How to maintain a clean workspace

Easing the Transition: "Getting People Back to Work" Including Motivating the Ones Who Got Comfortable at Home

We realize that many individuals found the work from home scenario better than they could have imagined. This course is designed to motivate employees to have a desire to come back to work. Managers will learn:

  • What a new norm should look like as we bring people back to work
  • How to reduce stress, conflict and politics that occur in the workplace
  • Tips for motivating employees by tapping into their individual motivational needs

Five Behaviors of a Virtual High Performing Team (Based on the Best-Selling Book, by Patrick Lencioni, Five Dysfunctions of a Team)


This course is designed to foster productive work behaviors where people work cohesively towards a common goal. In this course, they will:

  • Know the five behaviors and their natural inclination to approaching each one of them
  • Recognize destructive behaviors and the courage to stop them.
  • Have standards for creating a culture of accountability

Leading and Managing Your Remote Workforce


This session is designed to manage and lead a team where some or all are working remotely. Managers will learn:

  • Their own natural approach to managing
  • Learn to motivate, delegate and train remote employees
  • Strategies for team building when some or all are not on – site

Managing Change: Helping Your Team Members through the Transition


We all have our own approach to change and change is happening rapidly. This course is designed to understand fundamental approaches towards change and the emotions and feelings that go with it.  The manager will know how to:

  • Successful lead team members through this COVID transition
  • Listen for concerns and fears and address them in a way that is comforting and motivating
  • Take the team from where they were to the finishing line with less stress or chaos.

Moral Boosters: Ways to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged


This course is simply designed to help the managers find ways to keep the remote employee a meaningful contributor to the team.  They will walk away with:

  • Knowing the motivations of their team member
  • Strategies for interacting with them
  • Methods to ensure they feel a part of something bigger than their job

Presenting Your Best Self: Tips for Leading and/or Participating in Virtual Meetings


This course is a presentation skills class for virtual meetings. They will walk away with:

  • Best Practices for Participating in a meeting including, dress, background, lighting, seating, camera angles and more.
  • Tips for speaking up and sharing your views
  • Avoid the temptations of private chats, texts, eating, and various distractive behaviors.

Reducing Workplace Conflict in a Virtual World: Knowing Your Triggers and How to Maturely Work through Interpersonal Conflict and Stressors


Most people have never been taught to manage conflict productively, yet it is a critical skill for surviving and thriving in a workplace. In this course, participants will:

  • Acknowledge their own productive and unproductive behaviors with conflict interactions
  • Have an awareness to their own personal triggers that move their behaviors from healthy and productive to unhealthy and destructive
  • Have a path and way to capture the “trigger” and manage the conflict in a way that is productive for all involved.

The Work of a Leader: Focusing on the Vision, Aligning Team Members, and Ensuring Execution


Leaders are responsible for taking a group of people from where they are to where they are going. During this transitional time, many leaders are faced with the under certainty of their workplace destination. Therefore, this course is designed to bring them critical skills for leading a workforce during this COVID transition in the workplace. They will walk away with:

  • Their own natural approach to Leadership as it relates to Vision, Alignment and Execution
  • Know the best practice behaviors to lead team members during these uncertain times.
  • Manage their communications in a way that reduces fear and helps the team focus on their mission, vision and goals.

Understanding Behaviors: Reduce Stress by Understanding Co-workers’ Behaviors and Learn to Play to Each-other’s Strengths


This course is a practical approach to working more effectively with others. We use Everything DiSC, a new generation behavior- based program and assessment to help team members learn how to:

  • Manage the impact their behaviors have on teammates
  • Play to strengths by knowing the motivators and stressors of each team member 
  • Build a collaborative team using their skills, talents and strengths

What Leaders Need to Know: Legal Consequences of "Back to Work" Decisions


Employers can be caught in a trap as they begin to bring employees back into the workforce. In this course, participant will hear from a Subject Matter Expert and / or a Panel of HR Professionals to learn:

  • Common pitfalls based on the Laws
  • Protected Classes
  • Potential hot spots for lawsuits


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