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Business Continuation


TSTC Workforce Training, in partnership with Davis Success Solutions, will be offering the following courses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The courses have been developed to provide industry with the tools to help with business continuation.

5S Organize - Clean - Declutter COVID-19

Join in and learn the power and usefulness of this time tested and proven system of 5S to improve organization, cleanliness/sanitary conditions and safety at home, work or school. 5S is more than a methodology, it is a philosophy that aims for spontaneous and continuous improvement. It is the foundation for excellence. It sends a clear message throughout that orderliness, cleanliness/sanitary conditions and safety is priority one!  Read More.

How to Build Resilience for Turbulent Times

In this session participants will have an opportunity to self-assess their capacity for resilience and hear success stories of others. They will review the determining factors of using personal capacity as a springboard for thinking about how to enhance their ability to thrive throughout turbulent times.

How to Lead in a Collaborative, Virtual Environment

This session focuses the competencies and capabilities needed to manage others in global, virtual, and matrixed organizational environments. In today’s world of virtual teams and geographically remote execution you are only as good – or effective – as your network. Participants will learn the skills and competencies required to influence and persuade others to mutually beneficial outcomes, create and maintain connectedness with people that you have either never met or have infrequent contact, and “manage” individuals with whom you may have no direct control.

Leadership for Turbulent Times: The WOL Process

Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, this session encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness during turbulent times. This session approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship and focuses on tangible steps directed at leading a team to success.

Making the Most of Your Time: Time Management Strategies

Participants will gain an understanding of the relationship of goals, planning, analyzing, and prioritizing for time management and identify their personal time wasters.  Strategies and tools for improving time management and scheduling are discussed. This session helps people assess their time-management effectiveness and create a personal plan for improving skills in key areas.

Navigating Uncertainty: Leveraging EQ

Leaders play an essential role in helping employees manage stress and relieve pressure within an organization. They need to plan for the added worry we are seeing in the wake of COVID-19 and learn how to best support staff. Participants learn how to use emotional intelligence to best manage teams and deal with the tough decisions they face through this challenging time.

Running Effective (Virtual) Meetings

In today’s dynamic environment it is vital to learn how to plan, control, and facilitate both live and virtual meetings. This session will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings by offering key concepts in meeting management. Participants will learn: what types of meetings there are and how to plan each for ultimate productivity; how to increase group participation in meetings; how to recognize a meeting has gotten out of control and methods for regaining focus, as well as how to handle meeting disruptors.

Six Pitfalls Employers Face with Offsite Workers and How to Avoid Them

This session will heighten the awareness to the biggest pitfalls’ companies face, when your attention is diverted due to the current, organizational change with teams working from home. We will discuss ways to avoid those pitfalls by creating a productive environment and to invest the time and energy into other work habits that will be changing over time.

Understanding and Navigating Changing Times

One of the hardest parts of managing change is getting people to understand it, successfully navigate through it, and most importantly to accept it. It is often shown that only 5% of people will support any change initially. To transition change effectively, leaders must be able to engage and connect with people in the organization through good communication skills and trust building. Understanding the Five Phase Change Model and the Four Steps for leading change will promote changes in behavior and improve the process.

The Five Behaviors of a High Performing Virtual Team

In this session we provide strategies to help organizations operate as a high performing virtual team. We will leverage the proven model from Patrick Lencioni best-selling book the Five Dysfunctions of a Team to increase team effectiveness. Insights for navigating relationships in a dynamic virtual environment are provided along with tools and strategies to have an agile approach to meet today’s business demands.


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