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Get ready for the performance of your career with the next level of education at TSTC. We're excited to offer you performance-based education (PBE), a personalized way for you to earn your degree that ensures you master the necessary skills to perform on the job. PBE allows you to speed through the lessons you have a good grasp on or take more time on those you don't. Either way, you get the flexibility and personalization you need without feeling rushed or pressured to complete your coursework towards your degree.

More on PBE

PBE is our version of competency-based education (CBE) which you may have heard of. Basically, PBE is all about making sure you have mastered the skills you've learned from your lessons, not about the set time limit you have to master it. So no matter how quickly or slowly you learn, you've got the flexibility to take the time you need to learn the lesson and master the skill. You can even schedule your time around your availability.

In a conventional class you may be assigned a specific lesson during a week. You'll spend time in class during lecture and some time in the lab to apply the skills. In that week you're expected to learn the lesson and master whatever skills are required. If you understood the lesson and mastered the skills then you're confident moving onto the next lesson the following week. If you don't quite understand it and are unsure of mastering the skills, you still have to move onto the next lesson the following week in order to keep up with the class and hope that you can learn both at the same time.



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PBE shakes it all up by allowing you to work at your own pace. In a PBE program, all your lessons are available to you through online instruction. If you're a quick learner you could complete two to three lessons a week. If you need more time then you can take the time you need.

In either case, once you've reviewed the lesson you'll spend time in the labs applying and mastering the skills. Once you've mastered the skill, your instructor will check you off and you can move onto the next. If you haven't mastered it, the instructor will spend more time with you to make sure you understand until you can finally master it. No one is held back or pressured forward by scheduled lessons. You move through these lessons and master the skills at your pace. How quickly or slowly you earn your degree and get that job are all up to you.

How you learn isn't just about what happens in the classroom but what happens outside of it as well. Many of us work to support ourselves and/or our families which can make getting a degree difficult, and for some of us impossible. PBE provides that additional flexibility for you to learn around your schedule or whatever time constraints you may have. Because PBE is all about how and when you learn, we've extended lab hours so you can master the skills even at night.


Learn at your pace in the performance of your career.


Benefits of PBE

There are lots of benefits to PBE programs.


PBE curriculum is student-centered and meets you where you are, allowing more flexibility in the time it may take to cover specific course content.


PBE programs can be less time consuming than traditional programs because you can accelerate through a class as your schedule allows for that flexibility.


You usually have choices for how to be a specialist in content, and many PBE programs offer the chance for you to increase credit for preceding education.

Curriculum Clarity

Competencies are openly related to precise skills that you're required to exhibit which makes the earned qualifications more helpful to employers who can evaluate your proficiency more accurately.


PBE programs evolve around you in all areas, from scheduling to curriculum development, you remain the focus. You are able to spend your time focusing on the areas where you feel the weakest.

Increased Rigor & Quality

Your goal is to master each competency/learning objective prior to moving on in a course which means you are a higher quality of graduate entering the workforce

Increased Focus on Hands-On Learning

You and your instructors will be able to spend more time in the labs doing hands-on learning and teaching after you review lesson materials. Learning will happen more online while understanding and application will happen more in the labs.

Performance-based education requires a lot of self-discipline and initiative. Keep in mind that your skills mastery will require a lot of time in the labs. That means much of the lesson learning will happen outside the classroom on your own. Your instructors will be able to clarify any questions you may have for further understanding of the lesson but rarely will you see any "lectures" in the labs.

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you've got the flexibility to take the time you need to learn the lesson and master the skill.

PBE Programs Coming Fall 2020

We're excited that we will be offering PBE in two of our hottest programs below:

Heating & Air Conditioning Technology


If you don't see a program you're interested, don't worry. We'll be transitioning more of our programs to PBE. Check back regularly for updates or ask your recruiter or admissions specialist.

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