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Competency Based Education at Texas State Technical College

Competency Based Education

What is competency-based education (CBE)? CBE is a statewide initiative that can help Texans receive certifications in high-demand industries more quickly. CBE helps ensure the student knows how to do job-related tasks as they proceed through the program.

Texas State Technical College is among the first technical colleges in the state to offer Competency Based Education. This is a skilled workforce initiative introduced by Governor Rick Perry and designed to give students the flexibility to master their skills at their own pace. This can help Texans receive certifications in high-demand industries more quickly.

A student who demonstrates a skill then advances to the next competency, possibly cutting the time necessary to earn a certificate and enter the workforce.

This program is ideal for veterans and employees or displaced workers who have extensive experience but no educational certificate to show for their skills.

TSTC plans to offer Competency Based Education beginning Fall 2016 in the following:

Check back to see additional programs we will be adding.


A badge can be thought of as a micro-credential in a specific area. It represents student proficiency in an area of study as evidenced by demonstrated achievement of a group of competencies.

Badges are awarded to students once they achieve proficiency in particular areas or topics. The badges start with one star, and have stars added to them as the student demonstrates additional mastery of the badge topic. Three stars is the highest level of mastery for any given badge.

To view the currently available list of badges awarded by Texas State Technical College, please follow the link below. The badges shown do not have stars added, and are for web display only.

List of TSTC awarded Badges

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