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New Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Online Academy courses offered for the 2018 Fall Semester include: Cyber Security, Health Information Technology and Digital Media Design.

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Cyber Security


Technology advances create new possibilities, not just for the good guys, but for the bad ones as well. We hear of cyber crimes regularly in the news with so much personal, corporate and government information being stored and shared online. That’s where you come in. Your digital security and forensic skills are in need to protect personal and private data and prevent intrusion. And, when breaches do occur, you’ll need to help track down the intruders.


Health Information Technology


Doctors and healthcare professionals need comprehensive management of health information across computerized systems and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government entities and insurers. Health Information Technicians focus on health care data and the management of health care information resources.




    Digital Media Design


    Do you know how many advertisements you’ve seen today? Digital marketing experts estimate that the average American is exposed to thousands of advertisements in a day. Of those you’ve only remembered half, and even fewer made an impression on you. And of those few, you probably remembered them because they had great design. That’s the challenge of a graphic designer or multimedia specialist - making images and content that are memorable and impactful. Whether designing an advertisement, logo, brochure or poster, your ability to create great design is valuable to many companies and organizations.

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