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College Safety and Security at Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) is serious about the safety of its students, employees and guests. Click here to find out more about our TSTC Police Departments.

Missing Housing Resident Notification
If a member of the college community has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing is missing, he or she should immediately notify the TSTC Police Department. TSTC Police will generate a missing person report and initiate an investigation.

After investigating the missing person report, should the TSTC Police determine that the student is missing and has been missing for more than 24 hours, TSTC Police will notify the student’s emergency contact or confidentially identified individual no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing. In addition to registering an emergency contact, students residing in on-campus housing have the option to identify, confidentially, an individual to be contacted by TSTC in the event the student is determined to be missing for more than 24 hours. Whether or not a student has designated an emergency contact person to be notified, if a student is less than 18 years old and is not an emancipated individual, federal law requires that TSTC notify a parent or guardian within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing.

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, originally known as the Student Right-to-Know & Campus Security Act, is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to publish an annual report that contains data related to reports of crimes occurring on campus, at off campus college facilities, residence halls and public property immediately adjacent to the campus.  In addition, this report identifies specific policy statements.

The Campus Fire Safety Right-to-know Act became federal law with the passage of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.  The new law requires colleges and universities that maintain on-campus housing facilities to compile an annual Fire Safety report that gives students, parents and the public current information about fires in on-campus housing.

The Texas State Technical College Police Department maintains a Crime Log with summary information about crimes reported to the College Police, and also maintains a Fire Log that records, by date reported, any fire that occurs in an on-campus student housing facility. The crime log and fire log are open for public inspection during normal business hours.

It is the policy of Texas State Technical College to fully comply with the federal mandates of the Clery Act by collecting and furnishing the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

Texas State Technical College  2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (Clery Report)


To also comply with the federal mandates of the Clery Act, a link is being provided to the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Records Service Sex Offender Registration website.


Campus Carry

Senate Bill No. 11 authorizes the carrying of concealed handguns on the campuses of public institutions of higher education, including TSTC, with certain exceptions.

Senate Bill No. 11 also authorizes the chief executive officers of such public higher education institutions to “establish measurable rules, regulations, or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders on the campus of the institution or on premises located on the campus of the institution.”

Desired gun exclusion zones, including temporary postings for Pre-K through 12 activities to be held at a TSTC site, may be requested via the provided form to be routed through the appropriate provost.

Open carry of handguns is not allowed on any TSTC campus or premises.

Valid handgun licenses issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety are authorized to possess concealed handguns on any TSTC campus or premises, except as provided below.  All handguns must be concealed at all times, unless the handgun is displayed under circumstances in which the person “would have been justified in the use of force or deadly force” under the law.

The following TSTC locations do not allow Concealed Carry:

  • In or into a secured area of an airport, such as the TSTC Aerospace Building in Waco and in FAA-controlled areas.
  • Challenger Projects and Challenger Operations Buildings.
  • TSTC Police Departments and Emergency Responder Offices and Buildings.
  • Temporary locations where Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students participate in school-related or interscholastic events and programs.
  • Areas used for pre-school children and minor education programs not otherwise statutorily excluded (e.g. Early Childhood Centers, Head Start Programs, Early College High School Campuses and EEOC).
  • On the premises of a polling place on the day of an election or while early voting is in progress.

TSTC student housing shall not be named Gun Exclusion Zones but may be subject to certain safe storage rules, which the College may establish and enforce.

All incidents involving handguns are promptly reported to the TSTC Police Department or, where there is no TSTC Police Department, to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  All reported incidents are promptly investigate, appropriately dealt with and reported to Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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